State Representative District 32 Seat B - Dave Radford

I appreciate Dave Radford's strong support of family values. Ultimately all other issues will survive only if government works to protect family values. Dave is valiant in his commitments; that is why I will be voting for Dave Radford for County Commissioner.
~Dale Peterson

Steve Symms, Idaho State Senator

I am pleased to highly recommend David G. Radford to you for your consideration. I have been acquainted with Dave for one year, during which time he served for six months as Field Representative in my campaign for the United States Senate. He was over 16 counties which required him to travel a great deal and to work over other staff members as their supervisor.

Dave executed his responsibilities in an outstanding manner, not requiring someone to suggest things that needed to be done, but always thinking ahead to what could be done to effectively aid or improve the campaign.

He was always courteous, thoughtful and respectful as he worked with voters or members of the staff. He is prompt, eager to do whatever might be needed, and willing to take whatever is required and do it well. His political insight is impressive. He has a capacity for mental recall that is quite unique - a photographic memory. His personal warmth and his enthusiasm, coupled with all of the above, make him a most desirable staff member and a most valuable asset to any organization.

Dave added real strength to my campaign staff, and is someone I respect and feel to be a personal friend. He comes with my highest recommendations.

Steve Symms
Idaho State Senator