State Representative District 32 Seat B - Dave Radford

Common Sense leadership. Conservative Spending. A friend of the taxpayer.

The Republican voters of District 32 are ready for a change in leadership. It’s time for a true, pragmatic conservative who will take a common-sense approach to issues (such as healthcare and education) to represent the counties of Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, Teton and a portion of Bonneville County. This election is extremely unique; voters will cast their ballots through the absentee voter process (request yours now HERE) and the traditional polls will be closed.

After six terms as a Bonneville County Commissioner of the 4th largest county in Idaho, I am uniquely qualified to serve as your State Representative. I will be a friend of the property taxpayer; in Bonneville County we’ve paid off our bonds and kept the property tax rate low. I will also object to unfunded state mandates and keep my eyes on the issues that truly matter such as economic development and job creation, protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, and supporting affordable education initiatives.

You can count on me to work 24-7 to understand the issues facing our great State and to vote our unique values in Southeast Idaho. My background in production agriculture, business, and local government will help keep Idaho the greatest place to live, work, and raise our children and grandchildren.

My experience makes me a unique candidate. I’ve served in nearly every Republican volunteer position, and as the State Party Executive Director and the Sergeant at Arms for the Idaho Senate. I’ve also worked as a Field Representative for three Republican U.S. Senators and spent nine years on the Idaho Soil and Water Commission Board appointed by former Gov. Butch Otter. I see my role in running as interviewing for the position and I will seek the input of voters throughout the district.

At the end of this campaign I hope the voters of District 32 will say ‘Let’s hire Dave Radford! He’s the right candidate for the job!’

-Thank you!

Dave Radford

-Thank you!
Dave Radford



Dave has a proven record of managing spending and setting smart policy with 17+ years of experience as a Bonneville County Commissioner.


Dave held the line on spending to improve Bonneville County’s financial outlook, pay off bonds, and keep property taxes low. He will champion recreational opportunities on the Caribou Loop Trail and protect private property rights.


Dave is a lifelong NRA member, is pro-life, believes in expanding affordable higher education, and seeks to protect our family-first way of life.

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